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Last year’s BMF was the first I was   Leave a comment

Last year’s BMF was the first I was able to attend, and it was a simply wonderful weekend, full of all the things that make being British so, well, fun!  My upper lip was stiff, as I wandered the playing fields and leafy avenues of the elegant grounds, watched the mysterious game of cricket, failed to suppress laughter at the antics of Mr. Bean’s cone, enjoyed a real Devon tea, met and chatted with many new friends, admired the gorgeous autos, and topped it off with a proper British breakfast.  I might add that a friend from Annapolis Royal who is something of an antique vehicle collector, visited the show and for him it was a “road to Damascus” experience of the magic of all things LBC – so much so that over the winter he hunted down and acquired a rather swish MGA that he will be driving to this year’s show, and joined BATANS.  Looking forward to seeing you all again this year – now if only I can find a pair of plus-fours to match my collection  of very very British hats!      Dave Tinker


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